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The old merchant village of Vyatskoe is situated in Nekrasovsky district - one of the most environmentally friendly and historically significant areas of Yaroslavl region, 30 kilometres away from Yaroslavl city by Lyubimskaya Road, and 300 kilometres away from Moscow. The fascinating history of these places, favourable geographical location, richest natural resources make this region an attractive land for tourists. The surprising beauty of the nature of central Russian plain with a web of rivers and lakes (of which there are 38 here), with expanses that please an eye in any season of the year, with soft climate - all this make these places interesting to study in summer and winter alike.

Vyatskoe village is a unique town-planning complex of 18th to 19th centuries with over 50 registered architectural monuments, which in the past were merchant and peasant houses, tea and public houses, poorhouses. The basis of Vyatskoe's historical and cultural heritage is primarily the planning structure of the village which almost completely dates to 18th century. Today over 30 cultural and historical heritage monuments have been restored in the village, which have been filled with new functional purpose. Vyatskoe village turned into a modern Historical and Cultural Complex (HCC) with ten museums, three hotels, a restaurant, the Cinema and Concert Hall and with the relevant tourist infrastructure. Each facility reflects unique specific features of the region, the originality and richness of local culture.

Museums in Vyatskoe:

•   Museum of Russian enterprise or "History of one village which wanted to become a city …"
•   Museum of "Vyatskoe's trading peasant - Gorokhov's house"
•   House of Angels museum devoted to the feat of "heavenly roofer" Petr Telushkin
•   Interactive museum "Rooms of Urlov Brothers Merchants"
•   Polytechnic Museum "Amazing world of mechanisms and machines"
•   Museum of kitchen machinery
•   Children's World Museum
•   Black* Banya Museum (*black-way banya, i.e. a bathhouse in which the smoke escapes through a hole in the ceiling, rather than chimney)
•   Museum of Russian amusements
•   Museum of the recovered Sanctity

In the museums of HCC Vyatskoe there are interactive programs in operation, such traditional holidays revived as Krasnaya Gorka (like the Octave of Easter) and Harvesting Day, and new holidays created - the Holiday of Russian Wreath and Petr Telushkin's Birthday. As part of the preparation for celebration of 200th anniversary of the birth of great Russian poet N. A. Nekrasov which will take place in 2021, in Vyatskoe will be held the traditional All-Russia Nekrasov Feast of Poetry, the annual festival "Nekrasov Days in Vyatskoe", children's "Nekrasov's Russia" excursion tours. HCC Vyatskoe began works for creating a literary museum and a monument to Nekrasov by the project of E. Paskhina, a famous sculptor. Also, here is held the annual Province is the Soul of Russia Festival whose ideological inspirer is a famous opera singer Lyubov Kazarnovskaya.

HCC Vyatskoe is the winner of the Cultural Heritage 2008 National Award, the winner of the Custodian of Heritage 2011 All-Russia Award. The project's author was awarded in 2012 by the President of Russia V. V. Putin with State Prize of the Russian Federation in the field of art and culture for contribution to the revival and development of traditional cultural and historical values. In 2015 the museum community at the country's main museum festival Intermuseum-2015 has acknowledged the Historical and Cultural Complex Vyatskoe as the best museum of the year in Russia awarding Grand Prix of the international festival. Museum collections of the complex are part of Museum Fund of the Russian Federation.

In 2014 the Vyatskoe was visited by about 80 thousand tourists.


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