Russian Association of the most beautiful villages

The Association of the most beautiful villages of Russia unites rural communities, possessing outstanding historical, cultural and natural heritage to promote conservation and best utilization of this heritage, rural tourism development, the involvement of rural inhabitants in processes of self-development and increasing the attractiveness of rural areas. Members of the the Association have to be "live" (not museum) villages, hamlets, auls and other rural settlements with population less than 2 000 people, which have preserved, at least partially, the rural lifestyle and have expressed the desire to develop in accordance with the purposes and objectives of the Association, respecting its criteria.


Inspired by the rural beauty!


The preservation and effective use of rural cultural-historical and natural heritage, the human potential of the village.


  1. Creation of positive examples of rural development through more comprehensive involvement of the existing recreation potential of the village.
  2. Creation of prerequisites for development of rural areas through the strengthening of their popularity, increasing attendance by tourists and thus promote their sustainable development.
  3. Stimulation of local initiatives and promotion of the emergence of new attractive jobs in rural areas, including for young people and women.


The founder and President of the Association is Professor at RGAU-MSHA named after K. A. Timiryazev, doctor of economics Merzlov Alexander Valerievich. Active assistance and support to the project are provided by the Association the most beautiful villages of France and the Embassy of France in Russia. Furthermore, we have developed a team consisting of experts and practitioners of rural development, see read more...

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The members of the Association of the most beautiful villages of Russia get a lot of opportunities for development. learn More about how you can become a member of the Association ...

Federation of the most beautiful villages in the World (Earth)

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