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20 January 2017
Starting with 10th of January in the mass media to disseminate information about "the inability of most beautiful the village of Kinerma to cope with the tourist flow"*.

This shows, on the one hand, the inability of the tourism infrastructure in our regions to fully meet the demand for rural tourism, and on the other the growing popularity of the brand "Most beautiful villages of Russia".

We are grateful to the media for your attention to our activities and highlight both positive and negative aspects of rural life, but I would like to avoid a number of annoying inaccuracies in the individual materials.

Kinerma is a tiny village of 16 households, where only 5 permanent residents. Actually it was not about to remove the sign, saying Cinema as one of the most beautiful villages of our country, and about the newly installed sign, "PARK", which Kinerma by definition, is not.

Thus, there is a wrong interpretation of the situation in the media because of incorrect positioning Kinerma local authorities. It speaks of the necessity of the consent of the inhabitants of the villages belonging to our Association, with the installation of such signs of tourist navigation.

Kinerma, as well as other members of the Association the most beautiful villages of Russia, very happy to tour and ready to accept them. However, the infrastructure capacity of villages with different and often very limited. Even the Vyatka, the most advanced in terms of the hospitality industry village, first joined the Association, today can simultaneously make the night a little over 100 people. We therefore recommend tourists to contact the owners of hotels and guest houses in these villages. That's about it and told media representatives the hostess tourist complex in Cinere Nadezhda Kalmykova, talking about the arisen misunderstanding.

In addition, journalists tend to talk about the MOST BEAUTIFUL village of Russia, but this simply is not, and can not be! Because we are talking about the MOST BEAUTIFUL villages that choose not on a competitive basis, and the results of the examination, based on the criteria of the Federation of the most beautiful villages of the Earth, taking into account Russian specifics

We want to remind you that the purpose of our Association is the conservation and best use of the rural heritage of villages through the strengthening of their fame, increase of the tourist flow and promote thus to their economic development. Thus, the attraction of tourists is one of our main goals.

The Association of most beautiful villages of Russia – is a development project which, like any development project, some peculiar side effects. One of them is excessive recreational load, negatively affect ecosystems and society. For us this is an important challenge, indicating not only that the brand is "the Most beautiful villages of Russia" is gaining strength, but also about the consequences of its popularity. In the near future, we will carefully analyze this challenge and to take adequate steps.

Returning to the situation in Cinema, I want to urge the Executive authorities of the Republic of Karelia and other regions of the country to further support rural tourism and a more active dialogue with representatives of the travel industry, media and Associations. 

The most beautiful villages of Russia, carefully selected by our experts with the participation of the Federation of the most beautiful villages of the Earth, are an excellent platform for enterprises of different projects of tourism development and support local communities. The project has great integration and partnership potential. In the villages belonging to our Association, can perfectly be realized and interact a variety of public and private projects on the support of the traditional heritage of Handicrafts, gastronomy, intangible culture, environmental education, etc.

A striking example is the already mentioned village of vyatskoe (Nekrasovsky area of Yaroslavl region), where, thanks to the efforts of businessman and Maecenas Oleg Zharov and the local community managed to create a tourist complex and over 150 jobs for local residents.

Media representatives are invited to cooperate with the Association the most beautiful villages of Russia, which will be coming in 2017, the year a large number of information events. So will continue the search and assessment of new candidates for membership in the Association, including planned another expedition to the Republic of Karelia. Will appear soon the new category (sub-brand) "Village-Halts" with the aim of expanding the circle of villages, parties and formation of new tourist routes of the Association.

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