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Offsite assessment of villages of Sandogory rural settlement

23 January 2017
17-18 January 2017 in the Kostroma region for the first time paid an official visit, the experts of the Association the most beautiful villages of Russia headed by its President Alexander Merzlov. The main purpose of the trip was a preliminary examination of the villages of the Kostroma district, declared their desire to join the Association at the meeting in December last year the Assembly of ASKAR.

Within the rich program of the two-day visit, the experts visited the village of Big Sandhora and villages Yamkovaya, and Pochinok Orlovo included in Sandoverken rural settlement.

On 18 January in the House of culture of the village Sandagiri met with local residents, during which Alexander Merzlov spoke in detail about the Association in the context of the world history of this project and answered numerous questions related to the key principles of its activities and criteria in accordance with which it is pervonachalnyy the selection of candidates for entry into ACCDR.

On the same day in Kostroma, in the conference hall of administration of the Kostroma region was held the presentation of the Association the most beautiful villages of Russia and a round table on the visit. It was attended by the Chairman of the Council of deputies of the Kostroma district, Yaroslav Shaposhnikov, the heads of several regional rural settlements, head of the Department of tourism, Department of culture of Kostroma region Svetlana's eve supper, and also representatives of mass media. The roundtable participants have listened to information about activity of the Association the most beautiful villages of Russia and expressed the desire to continue engaging with experts to identify new candidates for preliminary examination. Including in Sandoverken rural settlement, which is composed, for example, the village of Chaudes, which is connected with the history of famous literary works about his Grandfather Mazzei. One of the outcomes of the round table was an informal agreement between the heads Sendagorta and Shwmessage rural settlements on creation of a joint tourist route "Grandfather Mazay and the hares" on the basis of villages Shoda and Saved.

As for the results of the trip as a whole, it should be lively and active interest shown by heads of municipalities of the Kostroma region to the solution of specific problems of sustainable development of rural areas marked by the President of ASKAR Alexander Merzlov.

– Our Association is a comprehensive development project, freakcentral in his speech Alexander Merzlov. – Primarily, this refers to the sustainable development of rural territories. The growth of tourism in this case is to play the role of one of the main drivers.

In response to the question about the prospects of joining the Association of villages of the Kostroma district, President, ASKAR diplomatically replied that it was, of course, only the first, but not last visit of experts of the Association in the region.

– In addition, this year will be a new category – the so-called "village-halts" (still a working title) that will be positioned as an interesting tourist points on the way to the most beautiful villages. And almost everything we saw in Sandoverken rural settlement of the village can qualify for this status. Well, speaking of villages, which are going to become candidates for membership in ASKAR, I remind you that this is a long process that begins with your submissions!

In turn, Alexander Nurgazizov, head Sandalankawa rural settlement of Kostroma municipal district of Kostroma region, noted that the visit of the Association was very significant event.

– The most important thing for any head is the ability to unite the people into one project and to equip the territory of the joint forces of government and society. I see that in connection with the visit of experts of the Association of inhabitants greatly intensified after General meetings have become more optimistic view on their territory and their homeland".

In conclusion, we present the most characteristic and revealing quotes from media materials released following the visit...

Sandhora can become the most beautiful villages of Russia

"The Association of most beautiful villages of Russia" has reached the Kostroma region".

Three of the Kostroma village expect to get into the list of "Most beautiful villages of Russia".

Alexander Nurgazizov, head Sendagorta settlement:

"We have subsidized rural village, the main income from us taxes. Real estate and the earth."

To rectify the situation, said the village head, would have helped the entry to the Association the most beautiful villages of the country. It was he who sent back the application.

Ecotourism can bring millions to the local Treasury. However, under the condition that the villagers will also show activity. Will hold gatherings, will take part in the creation of infrastructure for guests. All this will be taken into account when deciding on membership Sandagiri in the Association's most beautiful villages. Coming back she will be known this summer.

If the village held a strict selection, in the next few years they can become tourist attractions.

Only in the district of Kostroma in the title of the most beautiful villages expect at least 4 settlements – Sadagora, Kalhora, orlove and Shoda. Last known fact that there once lived a prototype of Ded Mazai. The delegation carefully examined each of these corners to in the long term as advantageous as possible to unleash their full potential.

One of the villages of the Kostroma region can get the title of the most beautiful in the country. Yesterday in our city was held a round table on the entry of the village of Sadagora the Association "Most beautiful villages of Russia". Membership in this community will allow you to make a new landmark in the international travel registry.

If the region is ecotourism?

The title of the most beautiful villages of the country expect from 4 settlements region: Sadagora, Kalhora, orlove and Shoda. Experts in the development of the new field of tourism has conducted a preliminary examination and included the settlements in the bidding sheet.

The competition for the title of most beautiful village organizes the eponymous Association, which began its work in 2014.

But residents Cinemre from Karelia has already asked for protection from the tourists who flock there in droves. The village is home to only 5 people and spend a full immersion in native village life of the time they do not have. The pointer which is put near the settlement, temporarily halt. And tours conducted by appointment only.

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