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Desyatnikovo village

Republic of Buryatia

The village is not far from Selenga River, nearby is Barsky Ridge overgrown with centuries-old forest, around are untouched valleys with pure springs. And everywhere are berries, mushrooms, birds and animals, and, most importantly, near the narrow valley is an unheard-of steppe for cattle pasture. What else a big village can need. Arable lands here are "nourishing", fruitful.

In the past, the houses of prosperous peasants were usually decorated with bright colourful paintings of internal walls, ceilings, opecheks (stove foundations). They survived in chambers and on the ceilings of houses in the village. These paintings strike with their beauty, succulence of colours, sudden combination of colours. Looking at the paintings of craftsmen, you imagine, what cheerful spirit, generous heart and rich imagination those people had.


Desyatnikovo became one of the most beautiful villages of Russia
Desyatnikovo village, meeting guests - 1st film
Wedding ceremony of Semeysky in Desyatnikovo village - 2nd film

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671133, Republic of Buryatia, Tarbagatay district, village of Desyatnikovo

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