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Arkhangelsk region

The village Andrichevo (Andrichevskaya) is located in the Velsk district of Arkhangelsk region on the road from highway M8 towards Kargopol and Nyandoma. The main attractions of Andrichevo are wooden church in the name of St. Nicholas, built in the 50s of the 19th century, Andrichevskaya bell tower of second half of the 19th century and pendant bridges across the river Puya.

A very interesting tradition that has been preserved in the village and attracts many visitors is "Yaishnoe (Petrovo) zagovenie" on the first Sunday after Trinity. For this game a circular pit with a depth of 10-15 cm should be prepared in the evening, a wooden trough is fixed at the side of the pit. Players put on the line, that is, in the pit, one egg. Riding along the trough egg should touch more eggs from other players. If the egg touches another egg lying in the pit, the player takes it and continues to play. The winner is the one who collected all or a large number of eggs.


Autumn 2016 in my village Andrichevo
Yaishnoe Zagovenie d Andrichevo

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