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Village Buhalovo halt

Arkhangelsk region

The village of Bukhalovo is located in Plesetsk district of Arkhangelsk region on the shores of south bay of lake Dolgoe. Easiest way to get here by water, by road it is difficult. On the hill in the village there is the Chapel in honor of St. Nicholas the Wondermaker of the late XVIII - early XIX century of kletsky type with the bell tower, where even survived the bell. The bell tower offers a wonderful view of the lake and surroundings.

Inside the chapel the usual situation - there is some kind of Church utensils, lamps, towels with embroidered crosses, stand for the Bible, small money. There are no icons, their fate is unknown, but one of the unique krasnofonian icons of the chapel "Our lady with the baby and Elijah the Prophet" of the XV century is located in Arkhangelsk Museum.

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